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What more can i say; there AWESOME


  • Listening to: Random
  • Reading: mangas
  • Watching: anime
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Recently quit my second job and started to clean up my room way earlier in the morning XD. Started to clean up my room for a bit and it hit me.... My collection of random stuff is big ^^;
So here to me telling y'guys what I have here and then some.

1. What is in my collection?

Any typical anime fans would have. DVDs/BluRays and downloads; new and oldies. Incomplete Mangas. Figurines/Models. Pokemon/Yugioh cards. Art stuff. And a whole bunch of video games.

2. What is your primary collecting for?

Video games more particularly RPGs. other than that it would be the toys and DVDs

3. On ya primary collection, how many do you have?

Not including doubles..... over 500 videogames. Mostly Playstation games then Nintendo games. 

4. Whats is the specific in your other collections?

    DVD/BluRays: Animes that I like really. I download alot and still do. But for the ones that I really like ( Elfen Lied :D ) I would buy them. 
    Art Stuff: I won't lie.... I horde them art stuff lol. When I see some art stuff I make some kind of excuse to get them.... oh damn.
    Mangas: Comedy, Shoujo --- I like them the most. Slice of life ...I think thats it wait harems that too. My guilty pleasure. 
    Figurines: Thats really random so far. It's also the least have in my collection. But some of them I do really love.
    Models: My brother help me get these but I'm not really into them as much but I have gundam model. and a few Eureka Seven models too.
    Cards:  Yugioh....girl cards )83 Its the girl cards. Pokemon is a funnier one. I would say this is the most fun to collect. The gamble and excitement of getting rare ones. And I have been lucky for a few times. But I don't collect them for myself. Its mostly for my best friend. so yay XD

5. Are you a hardcore collector?

Not really. I like to open them and do what they are meant to be made for. I do have doubles but it is because some of my disc are glitching up or about to die....dammit Toys are toy  and cards are cards.

6. What got you into collecting?

lol Well that because of ~Oshiz~ Mostly because of pokemon that I kept on going to stores and buying them and made some moment that I still remember. good times
Then there the typical answer. The youtubers like AlphaOmegaSin and Jwittz. There are others too but too lazy to list them.

7.  Are you materialistic?
Yes and No
Yes because I'm still collecting and it haven't die off. The excitement that is. I guess its masochistic but I do find buying a new game then finding out its horrible sometime fun....mostly no just no.
No because I'm willing to give them away. I think to certain people I will give me stuff to. I don't think most of the people I know actually like what I like.

8. Do you share what you like and about your collections?

I want to say no. Like I said earlier, I don't think most people I know like what I like or at the very least ends very shortly. I say its mostly because I don't express it too much about it that and I can't talk anyways lol. If it with other than my friends and family than thats a definitely no. Just like conventions of the sort, its not my place to express my likes. 

9. How much longer do you think you can keep on collecting?

Depends. Theres always something I want. luckily I have different collections to work with. Videogames; I already said to myself that the PS4 is gonna be the last thing for me to build up. Excluding the handheld ones. I want to say a long ways from now. 

10. Why do you collect?

Three reasons:
  1.     Sort of want have the thrill and search for the impossible. A real life Indiana Jones journey. which is also part of my collection...if I can find them. dammit all
  2.     Having fun with them. Really, I'm gonna collect and not have fun with them.... Rarity or not I'm still gonna open you so watch out for me heh...hehehehehe >8D
  3.     Memories is the main priorities. I hold a lot of old stuff back in the days. Hell, I still have those rocks my friend gave me. Just because it meant something to me that day..days. If I lost something that I really like, I would want it again. Not because it would replace what I love but to remind me what I love. I guess this is the forth reason but I want the people I know see what I have and hopefully that will show them the memories with us together. I know this for sure but the 3 thing I won't lose or get rid of is a red envelope with a card in it, a small figure of Pan from DBGT and Pokemon HeartGold. Those are the main ones that change me the most. 

Tagging. I'll go specific here. 

:iconoshiz: :iconrytersol: :iconakiou:

Tyrantrum OC by LazeeGai
Tyrantrum OC
Second favorite Pokemon!!! after Tyranitar

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